There is no arguing that SEO is a very lucrative industry. The numbers speak for themselves. Every website on the internet wants to be number one and SEO Experts hold the key. But, to buy SEO optimization tools can turn into a dreadful money pit.

The good news is that there are great SEO optimization tools out there! But unless you know what you’re doing, I’m sorry that you will find yourself running around in circles taking a look at ineffective software, taking advice from so-called experts and not having the kind of experience that you should be having online…success!

When you buy SEO products, you are either paying for garbage or an SEO Expert’s latest estimation of what will work in today’s world of Google. The latter is obviously a better product. But, you hold in your hand a tool that might work, that might work for awhile or something that is outdated and was never maintained. Let me give you an idea!

If you buy SEO products that promise to completely revamp your entire site and drive you to the top of the search engines, I would wonder how it plans to do that. The software would have to be interactive and have access to your website’s source code. I don’t think I would allow software to just have free reign of my website’s code. People who are concerned about their website’s effectiveness wouldn’t either. So, that’s probably bogus software that doesn’t have the capabilities it promises.

But if you buy SEO products that promise to analyze your website and give you a report, then you are starting to look in the right place. This is software that is written by an SEO Expert who understands the nature of the Google algorithms. The only problem you have at this point is determining how old the software is, whether it can be updated and whether or not it comes with support.

But even when you buy SEO products such as this, you still have to find someone to take the report and implement the results. So unless you know how to build a website or write even an ounce of code, then you are still looking at getting third-party advice. Having said that, you’d be surprised how inexpensive SEO assistance can be. Contact New York SEO Inc. today to learn more about what we can do for your SEO!

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