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  • Website Submission

    For a beginner, SEO can be a confusing concept when spoken in conjunction with other marketing and advertising strategies. For someone who has some experience, it can still get complex when you forget the basic premise.  Here’s a video that discusses the basic strategy of SEO and what you can expect from the search engines Continue Reading

  • Sample Press Release Small Business SEO

    Small Business SEO

    Running a small business, doing Small Business SEO by yourself, you might not have the budget for every strategy you can possibly use to get the word out about your business. Learning how to do a few strategies on your own can save you valuable resources that you can otherwise use in other parts of your business.

    Press Releases have a different tone in writing. They serve a different purpose than other forms of communication when it comes to business. But, it can be done. It’s not hard to learn how to put together a Press Release on your own and…Continue Reading

  • Pay Per Click SEO Package

    Pay Per Click SEO Package

    A complete SEO package doesn’t have to include Pay Per Click advertising. But, Pay Per Click is a highly effective strategy that should pay back more than it takes when done correctly. Additionally, a solid SEO package lays the groundwork for a successful Pay Per Click campaign.

    Pay Per Click is a successful tool that is catching on throughout the internet. By that, I mean that more companies are providing Pay Per Click services. Facebook has a Pay Per Click model as well as…Continue Reading

  • Buy SEO

    Buy SEO

    There is no arguing that SEO is a very lucrative industry. The numbers speak for themselves. Every website on the internet wants to be number one and SEO Experts hold the key. But, to buy SEO optimization tools can turn into a dreadful money pit.

    The good news is that there are great SEO optimization tools out there!…Continue Reading

  • Testimonials on Guaranteed SEO

    Guaranteed SEO

    Guaranteed SEO is a hard promise to make. See what our customers have to say about our ability to deliver!


    “I couldn’t believe how fast my site rose to the top of the search engines. It was like one day, I couldn’t even find what position my site held on Google. The next day, I’m seeing traffic!” Terry S. from Stephens, Oklahoma sells Designer Flower Arrangements…Continue Reading

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